Wednesday, September 20, 2006

I'm Featured!

My podcast "Uncomfortable Questions" was the "Featured Podcast
of the Day" yesterday on a major directory -
My dear Jake, who I interviewed awhile back was the guest chooser
of the week, and I was one of the shows he featured this week!
I only got an extra maybe 60 or so downloads because of it, but I
thought it was a really cool thing and it made me feel pretty good.
Who doesn't like to be "featured"!! :) :)

I don't think I'm ever going to get the next show up. It is 5 days late,
and it just isn't going to happen before Saturday. I had 97 minutes
of material (that I need to get down to about 45 minutes). It is going
to be one of those dreaded "double edits". I'll have to edit the whole
thing, which will only get it down to 70 minutes, and then I'll have
to do it again, this time ruthlessly cutting stuff I like. I've can only
do about 10 minutes a night - that takes me over an hour!

And I do this for fun!


Anonymous said...

Kudos from T**** on the feature; better than being feature on America's most wanted. ;)

Okay, compromise; edit down to 60 minutes and stop there. Consider it your "feature episode".


Big Phil said...

Congrats on the spotlight. You deserve it.