Sunday, September 17, 2006

Marathon Editing

I did find out what is wrong with my new DSL modem from tech
support at my ISP late last night. Since it has been 7 years since I
got the last one, the phone company has changed the "modulation"
on DSL lines from CAP to DMT, and I have to ask them to change
my line to the new kind. Who would have known that? That is why
I love my ISP. They have amazing tech support!

Today, I should have had my next Uncomfortable Questions podcast
up, but, I don't. I worked on it all day and am only at the halfway
mark. I hadn't realized how much I had recorded when I talked
with Dana from Newfoundland. I'm trying to cut down well over an
hour and a half of material. She was really fun, and I hate to cut
anything. When I edit, I really like that I get to hear a great
conversation again. I get to have them twice! :)

I still have hours of editing left, so I hope the fans aren't too mad
that this show is going to be very late. A few more days yet, I
suppose, since I'll have to do the rest of the edit after work, along
with everything else.

I'm also trying to get used to the fact that it really is fall. It was
mostly in the upper 50's today, sunny, breezy and beautiful. But there
is that chill in the air and that color the sky turns in the fall - a much
more intense blue than in summer. Fall is my favorite time of the
year, yet I'm always sad that another summer is gone. To me it is
also "road trip" time, but since we went in the spring - no fall trip
this year. But I still get the worst wanderlust in the fall....

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