Thursday, September 07, 2006

Rented to Science

I rented my body out for science and made $40!

Actually, I did a glucose meter study at the Intl. Diabetes Center this
morning. They took 2 blood tests and I evaluated the meter for ease
of use, but mostly I ended up correcting their manual. I do that a lot
at work and I just can't get away from it. I got $40 for my trouble,
which wasn't much, because I had to go there for a doctors appt.
today anyways.

What else? I still starving and still haven't lost any more weight. In
fact I gained a pound back. Very discouraging! My doctor did drop
one of the meds in half, that might help, but I doubt it. I just have
nowhere to go from here. I just can't cut my food any more. How the
heck can you gain weight on 1200 calories? I can't function if I go
lower. I don't know what I'm going to do. I keep hoping the magic
elves will show up and steal my weight....

At this point, that's the only way this is going to work out.


Manly Geek said...

Calorie count by itself does not a diet make. For instance, while I am not a diabetic, I am somewhat insulin resistant (IR), and when I want to lose weight I go on a low carb diet. I can eat a fair number of calories (2000+) and still lose weight if I eat a lot of protein and drastically reduce the carbs. And even though I am taking in more fat and colesterol my BP and my Cholesterol numbers also go down when I am on the diet. Also, I am NOT ravenously hungry when I am on that kind of diet.

So you may need to think about the types of calories you put in your body and not just the number of calories.

Hope it all works out for you, dieting is hard no matter what you do.

Susan Grandys said...

Oh dear, how well I know about calorie theories. This was a final desperate bid, just in case it might work.

I have been dieting since I was 8, and on just about every diet there is. I think I know more about diets than nutritionists!

I've followed low carb most of my adult life and lost over 100 lbs on it. But it has stopped working. Everything has stopped working. That's why I think the magic elves may be my only chance :)

Manly Geek said...

Yes, Magic Elves, I'm sure they would be both delicious and nutritious! Oh wait, you probably weren't talking about eating them. My mistake ;-).

Yeah, those Keebler elves that make those chocolate fudge ripple cookies, I dokn't think they will be of any help!! Those tempting imps probably should be eaten just to show them that they can't get away with fattening us up just because they live in a magical tree.

Hmm, what were we talking about? Oh yeah, diets. I'm sorry to hear that the low carb thing is no longer working for you. That would be tough. As for me, my ability to tolerate carbs of any kind and amount seems to be giving out as I get older. I hope that you will be able to find some solution other than stomach stapling and the like.

Susan Grandys said...

Hee, hee!

Big Phil said...

Didn't I tell you? I'm a scientist.