Saturday, September 02, 2006

Slabs and Wimsey

It was a rather nice day. Ran a bunch of errands, needed totally
disparate things - toothpaste, wine, lottery tickets, some groceries
rawhide chews and sand. Needless to say, had to go all over to
get that lot!

The sand was to put in a 3 x 6 area of pavers in front of the shed,
so it will be easier to get open in the winter. Too hard to shovel the
gravel that was in front of it, clear of the snow. Managed to put off
that task all summer :) We've never layed paving stones, so this
was an experiment. If it works out I'm thinking of doing a large
area in the back next summer. There was lots of digging, leveling
gravel and sand, and we were helped out by a rainstorm while
laying the stones. But it is done, and rather anti-climax. It looks
just like a 3 x 6 foot slab of red concrete paving stones. I'm not
sure what I was expecting. The Taj Mahal?

Spent the whole evening watching DVDs of the Dorthy L. Sayers
Mysteries, a BBC series from 1987. I had read all of her Lord
Peter Wimsey books years ago and seen the first BBC series of
them which was good, but didn't really capture the eccentricities
of the books. This 2nd series is great! And I'll probably stay up
late and keep watching them....

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