Sunday, September 03, 2006

Soggy Fun Fairs

Today was my perfect day at the Renaissance Fair. It was coolish,
muddy and a bit soggy, so it wasn't crowded at all! There was only
one serious rain storm while I was there, and it came just when I
was a bit hot, so it cooled me off nicely (even if I did drip a bit,

I ate a few things, bought a few things, looked at everything, drank
some mead, and was entranced by the turtles at the Como zoo
display. By afternoon, I was out of money and calorie budget, so
managed to bail out right before the really serious storms started.
I didn't want to leave, but it rained hard and continuously from just
after 3 pm, so it was probably for the best. I think if I had enough
money I would have just kept going.

I was so exhausted from the walking, though. I jumped in the hot tub
and that sapped any will I had left. It took a couple hour nap to
recover. See, fresh air and exercise is bad for you! :)

For some people the State Fair is their rite of passage from Summer
into the Fall. For me it is the Renaissance Fair. Whatever the ritual,
I have that feeling of fall-ishness descending on me (even though the
trees haven't started turning yet).

I also drove by the place our company is putting it's new building
that we are moving to in a year. It is only a few miles from the
Renaissance Fair site. The drive to the new place will only take me
about 20 minutes in clear traffic, so it won't be such a bad thing.
It will be a gorgeous drive in the fall - it goes through and along the
river valley and is filled with greenery and trees.

I finished watching the Dorothy L. Sayers Mysteries series tonight,
(I did stay up watching them until 2 am last night). They couldn't
get the rights for the 4th book that should have been in the
series, Hollywood had bought it and wouldn't give it to the BBC.
An artistic crime, in my opinion. The series was unfinished, and it
had such a spectacular cast. I would have loved to see them do that
last book. Hollywood never made the movie either, so everyone loses!

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Manly Geek said...

Mead is one of my all time favorite drinks. Yummy!!!!!!!