Thursday, September 21, 2006

Speed Learning

I got interesting news from the old job, today. It seems more and
more people from the old group are leaving. I suspected it would
happen, it just took awhile to get going. I feel bad for those that are
left. It can't be fun.

Meanwhile, I'm having fun at the new job (not so new, 1 year, 3
months), but there are times I still feel like the "new kid". Most
people I work with have been there 5 years or more! There is still
so much I don't know. I thought it would be a snap, but there is a
lot more to this job than I suspected. Should keep me interested for
years to come.

I'm learning at an accelerated rate again.. So much new stuff, my
head actually hurts when I leave for the day. I love it, and am
frustrated at the same time. Then when I got home I had to spend a
few hours getting the new DSL modem to work. Turned out to be
another obscure thing that only the phone company knew. But it's
up, and I'm back on the net at a much faster speed (1.5 Mb), and
loving it!

That is entirely too much computers in a day.

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