Sunday, September 24, 2006

The Spirit Is Willing....

But the flesh is weak.

The computer problems settled down today, and I spent the whole
day finishing up then next Uncomfortable Questions podcast show.
I can't believe it is finally done. It is posted, at last:
The Dana Interview.

I loaded in the files for the next show I need to edit, and to my
dismay, the recorded material is even longer than the Dana show.
It's going to be another marathon edit. I hope I can get it done
in better time. That is the price I pay for having such wonderful
conversations with my guests. We just keep right on talking, and
then I have to do something with it!

I was supposed to go see my favorite 4 bands, and then see a friend
off tonight. It just couldn't happen. I was so exhausted after finishing
the show, I was worthless this evening. I just couldn't get up off the
couch. I hate that. I had something I really wanted to do, and I
just couldn't move. Is this what getting old is going to be?

Too tired to enjoy life? If the joy goes out of life, why bother?
No wonder people die.


Anonymous said...

Dont worry Susan - by the time you edit out the fluff from your interview with me, you will only have about 15 minutes of material :)

Susan Grandys said...

Ah, but what a kick-ass 15 minutes it will be :)