Saturday, September 09, 2006

Study Time

I was pretty down this morning, still frustrated with the starvation
and inability to budge the weight. So I do what I always do. I set off
to learn more. I read on the web for awhile about resistance to
weight loss even at severe calorie deficits.

This led me to thyroid deficiencies and inflammation problems, both
which can cause such resistances. And many things fit. Inflammation
can cause asthma, diabetes, allergies, joint pain, all which I have. I
also have half the symptoms of low thyroid, even though the last
time it was checked it was still in range (though recently they
tightened the range).

Then it was off to the bookstore for more research. I eventually
bought a book on metabolism and another on the inflammation
diet. I read through the high points of both books. I found I really
should add kelp to my diet for thyroid support, and tumeric for
inflammation. So off to Whole Foods to get the supplements. None
of this may work, but I have to feel like I am doing something! I'm
always happiest when I am actively trying to solve a problem.

I think I'll try the stuff in the metabolism diet first. It is a very
multifaceted approach of supplements to help, exact types of food,
reducing stress, controlling thyroid, controlling inflammation,
exercising, and detoxifying the liver. I may not lose weight, but I'd
at least be rather healthy! :)

I've got hopes for the inflammation thing. I'm having a hard time
exercising because every joint in body hurts so much. It is painful
just to move around, some days. Just getting that better would be
worth a lot.

The best line I read though was "The World Heath Organization
(WHO) classifies a diet containing less than 2100 calories for the
average man and 1800 calories for the average woman as a
starvation diet."

Kind of makes you understand why this is so darned hard. And we
do it on purpose! Who says dieters don't have willpower? I've been
doing 1200 calories. How long can you do a self imposed starvation?

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