Monday, September 18, 2006

Tech is not for the faint of heart

I hate days like this! After struggling all weekend with computer
problems, I go to work and don't comprehend or accomplish anything!
I was trying to two things at once (badly), and just couldn't
understand them. The brain just wouldn't wrap around it. I ended
up getting nowhere. I decided to buckle down and take the time to
learn more about one of the problems, and I couldn't find the stupid
documentation anywhere, not even on the IBM website, where I
was sure it was. And it will all be waiting for me tomorrow....

Technology is not for those with weak self esteem.
By the end of they day, I was wondering why they even pay me!

Then it was rush home (late), edit 10 more minutes of the show
(40 more minutes to go), exercise, check mail, blog, and now I'm
really beat. Now can I relax? (and do nothing tech-like, whatsoever!).

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