Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Adventures are never comfortable....

Woo-Hoo! I'm Back! It was definitely a trip.
No one ever mentions that adventures are usually distinctly
uncomfortable. But they make good stories when they are over.

Let's see, we left Sunday at 3 pm, changed planes in Chicago,
and got to Raleigh at about 9 pm. Plane trip went smoothly,
but long. Also the seats in the little Canadian Regional Air Jet
make you very stiff. More leg room, leather seats, but I think
they forgot the padding. We creaked our way to the car rental
and got a very comfortable mini-van for the 5 of us who were
traveling together. And we were starving! None of us had
eaten since 11 am that morning.

Every place we went to for food was already closed - well, it was
Sunday night. The only place open was Hooters! So we went there.
Actually the food was pretty good :) We didn't get checked into
our rooms until about midnight. And then back up at 6 am, to
get to the customer site for a full day of meetings.

All I saw of Raleigh was about 4 miles around the airport. But what
I saw was gorgeous. A million trees and fluffy pines, just starting
into fall colors. The customer site looked more like a state
forest than a tech center. Miles of roads of trees with an office
building buried in them, here and there. The whole Research
Triangle Park area was like that. Our hotel too.

I met lots of people that I had worked with and would be working
with. We all went out for a lavish dinner with the customers
at 6 pm. Seafood, prime rib, and wine were everywhere! It
was quite the dinner! Er, diet? Whoops! Some harrowing moments
where a member of our party had to go to the Emergency room,
and some fretting where I didn't seem to have a seat on the
plane back. Another night of virtually no sleep, and up at what
was 4 am to me, (5 am there) to catch a plane. They finally
gave me a seat! Back to Chicago and quite the dash across 2
terminals to just make final boarding of the plane home.

And though I made it, my luggage didn't make the dash. It was
78 degrees in Raleigh, but about 30 when we got here. My
suitcase and coat were still in Chicago. And we never got
any food because of the early leaving and tight connections.
I did finally eat at about 12:30 after we got in.

So after little sleep, too much food, too little food, and 4 plane
flights, I am safely (and comfortably) home! The airlines
delivered my suitcase and coat to my house at 7 pm tonight.
Going out for lunch and driving home in just a t-shirt in 30
degrees with a stiff cold wind made me most happy about
the return of the coat. Brrrrr!


Big Phil said...

My question is, did you eat grits?

Susan Grandys said...

No! No grits. But I did eat everything else in the world at that lavish dinner with the customer. I think I gained 3 lbs in one meal!

Big Phil said...

You get the best grits in the south.

Susan Grandys said...

That's because you can only get grits in the south! I have never seen them in a Minnesota restaurant :)

Big Phil said...

Not even at Waffle House?

Susan Grandys said...

Nope, nowhere. Minnesotans and most Northerners are baffled by grits. They wouldn't know what to do with them, so no one sells them.

Gotta go south to get grits and sausage and gravy over biscuits. Unheard of here. (And our arteries thank us!)