Sunday, October 29, 2006

Back Soon!

The Halloween party was fun, lots of creative costumes, though I
didn't stay out too late. Asthma and allergies flared up bigtime, and
that always makes me so tired. I was comparing allergy medicine
with people at the party, and it seems that no one has found anything
works very well for them either. You think medical science would
be farther along....

I'm packed, and my plane takes off an a couple of hours, so I should
go get ready for my flight now. I'm not taking my laptop, so I'll write
again when I get back on Tuesday about my adventures in N.C.

1 comment:

chandra said...


randomly browsing blogs i came across yours.i like your 'zest' for life. elsewhere in your post you talk of' maintenance' free body's....that wud be lovly, if tru(even if for five yrs)! like everything in life, the body, the mind, our relationships...they require continuous repair, n maintenance.

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warm wishes