Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Bad Hardware!, no hardware treat!

More interview volunteers seem to be showing up for my show!
Since I only do one every two weeks now, it seems I'll be o.k. for
awhile. There has been some interest expressed in having me talk
to more older people to get a broader perspective on life. It does
make me want to wander over to some of the nearby old folks
homes, and ask the nurses if there are any real "characters" that
would be fun to talk to! Now if only I had more time to make all
this happen....

Other than that, I had many wrestling matches with hardware at
work. Why does it all get unruly at the same time? I had 4 different
hardware problems with stuff I use everyday, all today. Spent all
day troubleshooting and calling it all bad names :)

1 comment:

Big Phil said...

Taken literally, this is an intriguing image. You wrestling with hardware :)

BTW, did you get my email?