Friday, October 13, 2006

Free Lunch Cures All!

I did go to work today, and I still didn't feel "right" all morning. I
haven't been able to sleep all week, and I'm pretty tired. The
feeling persisted until lunchtime, when a group of us were taken out
to a nice restaurant as a reward for putting the last project out.

I found stuff I could eat and it was exceptionally good! I haven't been
eating much (and it is working - I lost 5 pounds finally, last month),
and this was like real food! Afterwards I felt much better. So I think
that good free lunches must be some kind of new cure-all :)

I also feel better for having stopped taking the new asthma meds.
They didn't seem to help, and my breathing is clearer without them.
Actually it is probably because is has been snowing very lightly
for 3 days, and the cold air cleared out whatever was bothering me.
A friend joked that I should just move to the Arctic - I would
breathe fine, but be rather bored.....

So now I just have to find a way to sleep and hopefully I'll be
back to better.

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