Saturday, October 07, 2006

Fresh air is good for you?

I spent most of today:
1) trying to breathe. The asthma is awful right now! Something
in the fall air is triggering the breathing problems bigtime. And
fall has always been my favorite time of year. I'm enjoying what
I can of it....

2) catching up on podcast stuff. I did a bit for Big Phil's anniversary
show - and my voice sounds really weird. The new asthma
inhaler causes extreme hoarseness in the voice. I was last on it
7 years ago, and I was hoarse the entire year I was taking it. :(
Hopefully people will get used to my new "sound" on my show.
I also had to catch up on podcast correspondence, there was a
fair bit to get done.

Unfortunately all this meant I didn't even start editing the next
show, which technically should go up tomorrow. (It won't - this
one is even bigger than the last one, about 2 hours of material.)
Maybe I should stop fighting it, and go to once every 3 weeks.
It keeps turning out that way.

I tried to spend some time out in possibly the last nice day of the
year - it was 78, breezy and sunny. Totally wonderful out. But
every time I went out, the breathing got worse. Ick. The weather
forecast says it may snow a little next week. Well, that is
Minnesota for you. 78 degrees to snow in 4 days time.


Mr Pleebus said...

Hey Susan,

I'm sorry to hear about your asthma. I just recently got hooked on Uncomfortable Questions and was going to send you an email (I still will) to tell you how much I enjoy the show. For what it's worth, and if there is a way of sending you some small strength to somehow combat and get through the discomfort, then I'm sending it. Right through the collective subconscios network! I hope it eases up on you very soon. Take care.

Susan Grandys said...

Mr. Pleebus,
Thanks so much for the good wishes! I think it is a seasonal thing, and it should get better. At least I'll keep telling myself that. And please do send email. I love getting email!

Big Phil said...

I thought your voice sounded lovely.
The inhaler I use makes my voice crack. I sound as if I'm going through puberty.

Susan Grandys said...

Thanks. The problem is it kind of hurts to talk, and there is NOTHING I like better than talking. My father wanted me to be a lawyer so I could get paid for talking - since I never shut up. :)

I can see that a long interview show will be a bit challenging - I really will have to push my voice. Luckily the guests do most of the talking.