Sunday, October 22, 2006

Investigative Living

Mostly burnout day. Slugday? Can we change the name of Sunday?
Most of this weekend was getting David moved. He had left a lot
of stuff in the garage and basement here for about a year. He finally
got a new apartment, (downtown, and really cool!) and some people
came over yesterday to get his stuff.

Today Cayenne and I loaded up the last of it, and went to visit.
His apartment overlooks a brick courtyard with trees. Very lovely.
Cay and I reminisced about how much we had wanted to live in
a downtown apartments when we were younger.

Then it was off to the bookstore. I picked up some interesting new
books which I hope to get read this week. One of them will help in
my attempt to get stronger. It is strength training you do every
morning for 8 minutes, 6 days a week. You do two new power moves
everyday that work completely different muscle groups. I figure
that even I can do 8 minutes a day, (even if it means getting up 10
minutes earlier). I'm good with things in small increments. I figure
if I sneak up on my body, it won't noticed so much that I am making
it work and throw a tantrum.

I usually hate working out in the morning, but the author convinced
me that you get the maximum metabolic burn all day, if you do it
first thing. It will continue to burn extra calories all day! If I can
get that for free, I am so there! His diet plan is about the same as
the one I am doing, so I'm hoping the addition of the daily strength
training will speed up the weight loss. I'll report in on how it goes.

Which reminds me - a fan of my show and blog wrote to me and
commented that my life seemed to be "investigative living". I like
that an awful lot. It does sum me up really well :) :)

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