Friday, October 27, 2006

The New and Old Jobs in 16 hours

Up at 6 am, meeting to prepare for the business trip at 8 am, lots of
preparation, documents to read and print, things to set up, slides to
make and then the workday is done. Into the car and an hour drive
to meet with the old work gang for a get together and late birthday
celebration for me!

Now the fun really began. Everyone showed up and then some,
even a dear ex co-worker who I haven't seen in over a year!
There were 10 of us who ate and drank and waved our arms and
talked incessantly. I had a wonderful time. I still adore that crowd
and I am happy and touched that they all showed up. They are like
a family to me.

What was it about that place? I have never formed such relationships
like that at any other job. I've never met people at work that
affected my life so much, or that I bonded with so closely. A strange
magic out of a very difficult work environment. Something wonderful
can come out of something bad :)

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