Sunday, October 08, 2006

Random items on a Sunday

I started tackling the "Andrew Interview" today - my upcoming
podcast show on Uncomfortable Questions. I have 2 hours recorded,
and I kept putting it off. But I got through the 1st hour today,
and got it down to 30 minutes. It is a fun edit, because the guy was
interesting and has a lovely soft British accent - always pleasant
on the ears. And always makes them sound smart, darn those Brits!
I hope to get the other hour done over the next few days. I think it
is going to be a dynamite show!

The wind changed today, it was blowing up from the south (which
is why it was so warm yesterday). Now it is from the north (which
is why it is 58 today), but my breathing got much better. What
the heck is in the air down south that gives me asthma?? What are
you guys keeping down there in the south? :) :)

The diet is working, finally, but I was right. It is coming off at a
painfully slow rate of a 1 pound a week. So 2 years from now,
barring any plateaus, or actually eating anything, I should look great!
(Of course, I'll be 90 years old, or something like that....)

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