Monday, October 23, 2006

Testing the Will

The power of will? Why is it when I absolutely commit to something,
things start to happen? Years can go by where I can't lose weight
no matter how hard I try and then there are those times when I
absolutely believe 100% I will lose weight, and I do. Sometimes
eating exactly the same, it is like the desire is so great that it
happens. Or times when I am searching for something in my life
and I'll randomly pick up just the right book at the bookstore, and
it changes my life. (That has actually only happened twice).

I've been thinking a lot about transforming my body and I picked
up just the right 2 books, and started following them. Today was
startling. I did several things I never thought I would. I worked
out in the morning, following the book "8 Minutes in the Morning".
I hate mornings and never work out then, I'm so stiff and achey.
But I did it, and felt different for the whole day. Then tonight
I took a walk because I wanted to and feel my body move. And
when I got hungry just now, I saw vegetables in the fridge, and
I started salivating. I have never liked vegetables! What is this?

I also got the news at work today that I have to go to Raleigh, NC
on Sunday until Tuesday for a kick off meeting at a customer site.
Cool! I've never been to Raleigh, and it will be fun to see something
new. (Of course it will immediately test my diet and exercise
resolve - business trips are never really good for that. And of
course we are going out to dinner with the customer. Hope they
have good salads in N.C.!)


Big Phil said...

You'll have to eat some grits.

Susan Grandys said...

Grits! Oh no! The last time I was in Atlanta with my dance troupe, we ate way too many grits - swimming in butter of course. I can feel the pounds piling up.