Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Thoroughly Doctored

Why is it that every now and then I go to the doctor and they take
an unusual interest in me, and I can't get out of there and get back
to work? Happens to me about once a year - the rest of the visits
are routine. I have go several times a year for the quarterly
diabetic checks, and various med adjustments, blood tests, etc.
It's starting to feel like home....

Today was a check on the new diabetic med, and I complained
about how I was having many asthma attacks lately -(it was bad
when I lived in California but then I only had only a couple a year
for the last 7 years and was off the asthma medication that whole
time). But they have been increasing over the last year, and the
last 3 weeks it is more like a couple a day.

Well - after discussing how to adjust and balance the 2 diabetic
medicines (which is what I was there for), she listened to my
lungs, gave me a peak air flow test, sent me off for a chest x-ray,
blood tests (for thyroid, and blood glucose averages), and a flu shot,
I staggered out of there after an hour and a half with a new allergy
and asthma meds. I feel like I've slipped backwards. I was down
to 5 medicines, now it is 7, and I thought I was done with asthma.
But it has been rather inconvenient lately - so I'll take the meds,
and hope I can get off them again.

We talked about my amazing resistance to weight loss, and she
looked sort of hopeless. If the doctor can't give me a pill to fix
something, she gets depressed. She really believes in that medicine!
She sort of shrugged and said, what about bariatric surgery? I told
her that was a bit drastic, and I don't qualify anyways. You have to
be about 100 lbs overweight, and I'm not. Sigh. No help on that front.

I read up on it again, to make sure it wasn't what I wanted, and it
isn't. It is so scary and can cause lifelong problems with inability
to get enough nutrition - leading to bone loss and anemia. I'm
already anemic! I'm not up for even more health problems. I wish
they'd just come up with a damned pill for it. It would make me
and my doctor very happy.

But mostly my arm hurts. Flu shots always make me feel like
someone punched me in the arm for 2 days. I wonder why?

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