Saturday, October 28, 2006

Tired Preparation

One of those days. I slept until 10 am, and was amazingly sore and
stiff all day. So I did more weight lifting that REALLY hurt. I've
been tired and totally off all day. I am having visions of a hot bath
right now but -

I ran around the rest of the day getting ready for my business trip
tomorrow. Had to buy things, do laundry, find the suitcase, pack,
check in for my flight and get out of the middle seat they booked
me in (I did - got a window seat! :) ), don't forget to pack the folder
of presentation material, etc, etc.

I have to change planes in Chicago and take a small plane to Raleigh.
I got a window seat for that leg of the trip too. Yay! I've never been
on a Regional Air Jet, and I hope it is a cool plane. I guess I need to
travel more than once every year, I think it is a big deal!

And now I have to go put some kind of a costume together, I have
to go to a Halloween party in an hour. I thought of going as "me
before coffee", but I think I'll just go as a random Goth chick....

Hot bath first thing tomorrow, then!

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