Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Workish sorts of things

A good day, today (not a lot of work!). We had an all hands meeting
with our president that was interesting, and a groundbreaking
ceremony at our new building site. We should be there in a year.
The new site is farther from my house by about 10 minutes, but
it will be nice to have a new place. Our current one is getting
really shabby, but it is very comfortable in a strange way.

Then there was a get together for our group at a co-workers house
near the new site. We talked and laughed and drank beer. It was
really fun and nice to just kick back and be ourselves in a "not
at work" sort of way.

Still pondering friendship much of the time. I think I might be wrong
for how it should work in this world. It just doesn't seem to work
that way for most people. But just when I am ready to give up on
people, they almost psychically do the right thing, and I am
forced to rethink things again. Weird. The timing is so immediate
I really am beginning to wonder if there are those who can read
my mind. Naw. Then they would run away. I've got a really
silly mind.

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