Monday, November 06, 2006

...and then back to normal....

It was a Monday. Too many meetings and a very frustrating day at
work. I'm really glad it's over. I didn't punch anyone or yell at anyone,
so I guess I did o.k. Things are back to normal.

I think the next time I would drive to Chicago like that would have to
be for God himself, or someone at that level :) Way too much work!
I think I will aspire to be a lazy person. I'm glad I went, but snoozing
on the couch sounds much more attractive at the moment.

I still hurt all over, so I suppose I should go force myself to work out.
I still think it sucks that the only cure for stiffness and pain, is to do
something you really want least to do when feeling like that.

God must be a really contrary cuss!
So maybe I wouldn't drive to Chicago to see him then....

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