Tuesday, November 21, 2006

...and Tuesdays aren't much different

I can't say that today was any different than yesterday. Lots of work,
long hours, etc., etc. As far ahead as I can see, there is lots more
work and big projects. It isn't a bad thing, job security, I guess. I still
like the place I work, but I would rather not work! :)

But since independent wealth has not chosen me, I guess it is as good
a place to be, as I could want. I do think a lot about the things I think
I should be doing, but don't have the time. I come home so late now,
that there just isn't time for much before bed.

Eat dinner, exercise if I'm really motivated, play a little Final
Fantasy XII, write my blog, go to bed. To think that some people
actually make a difference with their lives. I think I'm just staying
out of everyone's way, at the best. Isn't much of a meaningful life.

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