Sunday, November 12, 2006

Another opening, another show....

Another marathon editing session. Actually this one wasn't so bad.
I spent 8 hours editing today and the new Uncomfortable Questions
is up: The Sheila Interview.

She was a fun and engaging Canadian student of biology. She's 22
years old, and so fresh and full of life. I would like to be 22 again,
looking forward to life and the possibilities ahead. I should talk
to more folks in their young twenties, to remind me not to be so
cynical :) I'm a little jealous of that feeling of looking forward
to all that life has ahead.

I really think there should be reincarnation, so I can feel that
again - and you should be able to remember each lifetime, so
you can make different choices each time. But then again, I
don't recall any God Force asking for my opinion, so it probably
doesn't matter.....

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