Thursday, November 23, 2006

...but the food isn't bad....

We did our Thanksgiving duty. Cay made a very good lower-carb
meal that was quite good! Turkey, mashed sweet potatoes, and even
stuffing made with low-carb bread, mushrooms and wild rice. My
blood glucose levels stayed well within range. David even brought
some homemade all-wheat bread to try. Those guys can cook! :)

I also found out something great. We had some red wine with
dinner, and all the unusual amounts of pain I've been in for the
last month went away after two glasses! I think I'm going to
start with the glass of wine after dinner thing. I don't know why
it fixed the pain, but it is a welcome relief. I wonder why it worked?

And tomorrow, even though we are supposed to have it off, I'm
going to work. There is a deadline for next Friday that we hope to
make, so many of us are going in. It doesn't seem to matter where
I go in the computer industry, it always comes down to working
on holidays... I guess it just proves we can be bought. They give
us lots of money, and we give up our lives.

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