Sunday, November 26, 2006

Can this be Minnesota?

I'm still not feeling good. I've felt awful all weekend. The arm is
getting worse but I'll probably ignore it until after Japan. If it is
a rotator cuff tear, there will be that awful surgery again. Worth
putting off for awhile! The daily pain is a low grade thing, I can
ignore it for now. The asthma is barely at bay, the medicines are
so-so, and the body aches are awful!

I wish it was one thing that was wrong, and I could fix it. But I'm not
really sure why the health has been getting worse the last few
months. Darn. I hope this isn't just getting old. This really isn't
much fun.

It was 52 degrees again today, so I did force myself to go out and do
some shopping, just to get out there and move around. It was so nice
to be out in just a light jacket at the end of November. Driving past
Lake Harriet, the paths were packed with people out enjoying one
last nice weekend.

Which was a good thing, the stores were almost empty. I thought
they would be crowded being the weekend after Thanksgiving. I
bought myself a pink Nintendo DS for the trip to Japan (something
to do on the plane), and a black down vest from Lands End (in
preparation for the cold weather looming next week.
I like shopping. I should be rich! :)


Anonymous said...

Friday and Saturday the temps here were in the low 70's. I wore shorts to work.

What did you get for me at the mall?

Susan Grandys said...

Ha! It was all for me!!! The best kind of shopping there is :)