Friday, November 03, 2006

Crazed road trip time!

I found something harder than Linux. Getting drivers running on AIX
with no instructions whatsoever. Computing by psychic ability! It's
been a long couple of days.... I always go home after a day like that,
wondering why they pay me. I guess for perserverance in the face
of adversity.

So tomorrow, 4 of us are driving to Chicago to see Scritti Politti, an
80's British band that has reformed and only playing a few places in
the United States. Cay and another friend of ours are huge fans of
theirs, and myself and another friend decided to go along for the

It is about a 7 hour drive, so we are taking off at 1, having dinner in
Chicago, seeing the concert, and then deciding then if we are up for
driving back, or if we need to crash in a motel and drive back on
Sunday. My dear friend David has offered to stay here overnight
and wrangle the unruly pets.

Wow, the last time I did the "drive to Chicago to see a show and
drive back in a 24 hour period" was 25 years ago. It really seems
like that was just a few years ago. Therefore, I guess it is time for
another crazed road trip. Why not? Sleep is for sissies!

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