Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Holidays are not the same...

Thanksgiving already? Pondering the holiday seasons. Growing up,
in my estranged family, we pretty much ignored the holidays. No get
togethers, no special meals (Mom couldn't cook anyways, so this was
probably a good thing), no presents, no celebration.

When I went away to college I totally embraced the holidays. I put
up Christmas trees, bought presents for everyone I knew.
In my mid-twenties when I lived in large houses, I really expanded
the celebrations. I gathered up all the people I knew who couldn't
get home for the holidays, or who's parents had died, or didn't have
anything special to do. I had what I called the "Orphans Thanksgiving"
for my friends - sit down dinner for 24 people, and at the "Orphans
Christmas" the tree overflowed with many small presents for all,
and food and drink flowed all day long.

As I got older and the friends moved, died, or started different
lives, there have been less and less people who needed somewhere
to go. Now it is I need somewhere to go! I don't do anything for
the holidays. These days it is just Cayenne, David and I. We make
a small meal and take it easy. It is good that I have that small
family left, but I miss the dozens of people and big party times.

Getting old shouldn't be lonely. If anything I should have made
more friends because I have had more years to do so. Why are
there so many less? It is so backwards from the way it should be.

I don't see anyway to turn it around. People my age all have
families, and somewhere else to go. No one is an orphan anymore.

Except for the three of us. The eternal "3 monkeys" (us three
lived together for years, and we are all born under the Chinese
sign of the Monkey). So hail to the "3 Monkeys Thanksgiving!"

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