Saturday, November 11, 2006

Japan Ho!

Breathe, 1..2...3... I just booked the plane tickets to Japan!!!!!
I can't believe it. No more waffling, we are going. We have seats
and everything. I got awfully excited when I pressed that "buy"
button. I have to keep remembering to breathe....

We aren't going until the end of March, but it just seems so, so,
um, real! The dreaming is done, now it is actually going to
happen. Wow. I can't be cavalier about this. I'm excited!!

I also had another show interview today, this time in person.
All the ones this year have been via Skype on the internet.
This was a lovely friend-of-a-friend who came to the last big
barbeque bash at the house. He is a record producer who
does the recording for several notable stand up comedians.

He was a fascinating person, and we talked for hours, and
pledged to try to get together socially in the future. What fun.
My show brought me a new friend. Every time I wonder if I
should end the show, I do the next interview and have such
a great time, I remember why I do it. All the interviews are
like that. I guess I just really like people! Now if only I could
automate the arduous editing process....

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Anonymous said...

Congrats on the booking of the flight and the interview!!! T****