Saturday, November 18, 2006

Me Time

I suppose I did the therapeutic things today. Nothing!

I ate spaghetti for breakfast, because I wanted to. I took a hot
bath. I read Japanese comics. I skipped an absinthe tasting
party and spent 2 hours in my favorite clothing store and looked
at everything, and bought two fluffy turtleneck sweaters.
I got lost on the way home and just kept going to see where
I would end up.

I just needed to be alone, and do my own thing. I guess it helped.
I'm feeling much more - well, grounded, I guess for the lack of a
better term. Sometimes you just need those kind of days.
My personal recipe for "burnout recovery" :)


Anonymous said...

The other morning I ate fudge for breakfast.

Susan Grandys said...

Mmmmmmm, fudge! Now that's breakfast!