Saturday, November 25, 2006

Money for Sight

Wow. It was 52 degrees out on Nov. 25th! Usually we are buried
under blizzards by now. This is better! :)

Feeling pretty awful today. Completely tired and fried. What good
is sleep when it doesn't make you recover? Why in a week do I feel
great some days and 100 years old on others? I'm the same
person, same body, same everything. Why the wild variation?
I guess as long as the good days are more numerous than the
bad, I'm still doing o.k.

The biggest excitement of today was going in for my eye exam
and getting new glasses. How fun is that? I always have to get the super-high-index-progressive-extra-everything glasses that
always end up costing me about $450, even with my coverage
from work. And these cost me exactly that, no surprise. But what
there is of the frames (they are rimless) are a nice green metal,
but crazy expensive!

I just am not sure why two sticks of metal and a nose piece cost
$325. Oh wait - it had a fancy bend in it - that must be what
cost so much! They hire a master metal-bender craftsman, who
is the only one in the world who can do it just that way ;-)

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