Friday, November 17, 2006

The personality of too much work

I notice my vow to blog every day is stuttering a bit. Some nights
I just don't care. I work like a fiend all day, come home, and I don't
even want to log on to the computer. So I don't. For those that know
me, this is pretty uncharacteristic of me!

I think it is weird that one's personality changes depending on the
level of overwork. When I'm bored, I am extremely social and
want to talk to people, see my friends, do some writing and lots
of email, go out a lot more, and do a lot more fun things.

If I'm working too much and trying to do too much, I get less and
less social. I don't want to see anyone, I don't want to write. Do we
really have a limited supply of allowable input, and when we exceed
that, does one start shutting the world out, just for a little quiet
or personal time? It seems like I push people away a lot more
when I have no time left to myself.

I suppose it is a reasonable coping mechanism and everyone needs
their own time. But on the other hand, life is so short; the time to
be with others is so short - it seems vaguely wrong to cut people
out of your life. It's not like there will be another chance. Why is
being alone so important? I don't feel like I gain anything by it.

Then I get mad that my life whittles down to mostly work.
Is that how I want to spend the last years of my life? Shouldn't
I be doing something more important?

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Anonymous said...

I think as I've gotten older my allowable output has diminished.