Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Preparations and Leavings

Hey-ho! I'm feeling a lot better, and plugging along. Work is going
o.k., I'm starting to build up on the treadmill so I'll be able to walk
in Japan (my friends tell me there will be a LOT of walking!). Also
starting to study the Japanese again. I've forgotten all of the verbs.
You sort of need a smattering of those in a sentence....

I just got the news that a very dear friend from my old job is moving
on to brighter horizons. Wow, not much left of the old place. I like it
when everyone finds new places to go, more places for all of us to go
in the future. You pretty much get jobs here by knowing someone
at another company that you used to work with.

Hopefully I'll get the energy to do more editing this weekend on my
show, and get some more interviews scheduled. More motivation
would be nice. Wonder where I can buy some? :)

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