Sunday, November 05, 2006

....really, really uncomfortable.....

O.k., I'm a sissy. I need some sleep!!!
The Chicago trip was an adventure indeed - which means I'm a total
wreck right now. (Adventure = Uncomfortable, remember?)
I have had 1 hour of sleep in the last 32 hours, and still wont get
to bed for a few more hours, yet....

The 4 of us piled in the car at 1 pm yesterday, and drove to Chicago.
Many miles from Chicago the traffic came to a dead halt. After 20
minutes, we got off on a back road and wound our way through
back streets until we got to the right area. I think we were in a
Polish neighborhood. Kind of fun to see more of Chicago. Thank
goodness for the trusty Road Atlas! We found a parking spot after
a lot of looking. By this time it was 9 pm and we were starved.
(There were minor amounts of snacks from gas stations up to
that point of the day.)

Right across from the club was Penny's Noodle House. That looked
great, (we have continuously complained that Minneapolis needs
a good noodle shop). The food was cheap and huge, totally
wonderful, and pretty healthy. The sauces and dressings were
exquisitely Japanese. We adored the place, and want Minneapolis
to get one even more. I don't think I'd ever cook again!

Then off to the Double Door club. The Welsh band Scritti Politti
(click here- for picture of Scritti Politti) went on about 11 pm,
and it was a very enjoyable show. Afterwards Green Gartside was
just standing by the front so the 4 of us walked up to him and he
came over and chatted with us! He is an amazing sweetheart,
accessible, kind, and we talked about the show and his new band
that he put together from people who lived in his town. Our friend
Kim got a picture of her with Green. She was a happy puppy!
We thanked him for the show, and he shook all our hands. What
a fun ending to the show for us!

Then it was stoke up on lots of coffee, and hit the road back home
by 2 am. It was a challenging drive for the three of us driving.
Driving at night is always fatiguing (trying to see in the dark -
though the full moon helped). We kept trading off when each of
us couldn't focus on the road, anymore. (Or started hallucinating,
or started falling asleep!) We stopped at a diner and had really
bad food for breakfast. Ugh. I wished it were the noodle house
again! We finally got home at about 9:30 am this morning.

So, I think every square inch of my body has disowned me at this
point for no sleep, bad food, standing and walking around for hours,
in between sitting in a car for too many hours. It must have been
a great adventure if you qualify it by how much I hurt!!! :)


Big Phil said...

I'm impressed. I can't imagine taking an excursion of this type. I would need about a month to recuperate.

Susan Grandys said...

I wasn't sure I could do this, either -
but I did, and am somewhat recovered today. Ha! I can still keep up with the youngsters (sort of...).