Thursday, November 02, 2006

Thursday Things

My interview for tonight postponed until next Wednesday. A quick
reprieve. I was having a hard time getting up the energy to do the
interview, so it worked out fine. I should edit and put up the next
show that I have recorded this weekend, but 4 of us think we are
driving to Chicago this weekend to see a show. Crazy kids!

It is 26 degrees out right now, so I've spent most of the evening
in front of the woodstove that has a warm and happy fire in it.
This is too darned cold for early November. But it is supposed
to warm back up this weekend and next week. When I drove
to work this morning it was bright and sunny out and it was
also snowing! I'm not sure where it was coming from....

So it is now time to get back to neglecting my life, and play
the video game... Some nut at work scheduled a meeting at
8 am (I usually don't get in until 9:30 am) so I have to get
it all in, and still get some sleep. See ya!

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