Friday, November 24, 2006

Web Life

Bah! Working on your day off, is just like work! I put in a full day,
and got some stuff done. Nothing miraculous, like I thought would
happen, not being interrupted all the time to go to meetings :)

My arm has healed up some and the red wine trick is still holding.
Not so much pain, and I was able to exercise last night and tonight.
Better living through chemistry... or at least alcohol!

I got up yesterday thinking about the 2 band members in England
that I had interviewed last spring from 3 Blind Mice. I don't know
why I was thinking of them. I went to their web page to see if their
new CD was out. It wasn't, not until early next year. But I did go to
itunes and buy their last 2 CD's. They really are so good, it is
hard to believe they aren't famous! There were some stellar cuts
on those CD's. Anyways, check them out at

It is funny how I keep an eye on all the folks I've interviewed when
I can. I drop into their blogs or check their web pages or podcasts.
They are like a big extended family that I like to know that is
thriving and doing well. The web, and podcasting, is such a strange
place. Many of us have pseudo lives on them, with people we have
never actually met. Nothing in our past has prepared us for this
new kind of life. And yet somehow many of us adapted easily to
it, like it was the most natural thing in the world.

Reminds me of dogs and cars. All my dogs have loved riding in cars,
and to stick their heads out the windows in the breeze. It never
seems to occur to them that this large rushing metal monster should
be alien to them. They just like it, and accept it.

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