Wednesday, November 08, 2006


I feel like I'm going at 1000 miles an hour again. Work was impossibly
busy, trying to do it all at once. My interviewee for tonight and I
missed connecting up. And now I'm just too darned tired.

I went for a walk, just because it was 65 degrees out, at night,
on November 8th! It hit 72 degrees today. I want it to stay like this!
But they are predicting possibly significant snow late Thursday.
So from 72 to snow in two days. Ugh.

Other than that, I got nothing. Everything else is the pretty much
the same. I lost 5 pounds and got stuck again. I'm tired and not
sleeping well, the asthma medicine isn't really doing anything,
and the elections are over. Maybe it is time to book those tickets
to Japan.

1 comment:

Big Phil said...

Maybe you should go to Japan. I know you want to go, you'll kick yourself if you don't.