Sunday, November 19, 2006

Wii hunt +15 hours, or My Glorious Geek Day!

So yesterday, Cay and I started talking about when we were getting
a Nintendo Wii gaming console. We were going to pool our Christmas
money from the various folks and buy one, figuring we'd never get
one at launch. Then we looked it up online, watched the ads, and
realized we had to have one RIGHT NOW!

Since today was the launch date, we came up with our strategy for
snagging one today. We researched one of the less popular Target
stores. They were going to have 42 units this morning. They opened
at 8 am. So we got up at 6 am, and Cay drove off to the store,
getting there at 6:45. People don't line up much in Minnesota, so
we figured that was early enough.

I took up my battle station at home with the cell phone and a
computer to look up options, in case Plan A failed. Well it did -
Cay got there and there were already 42 people in line. So we
sent him off to the Best Buy which opened at 9 am. This would
be 2 hours before open. No go - too many people. So it was off
to Circuit City which opened at 10.

He got there 2 1/2 hours before they opened, and the sign on the
door said they had 19 units. He was number 15 in line! Score!
So the plan was he would stand on line, and I'd bring coffee and
food (no breakfast for us yet!) if they didn't do the vouchers soon.

All the places here came out a couple hours ahead of time and handed
out numbered vouchers to the line, so everyone could go home and
get warm (and not stampede or scare the customers) and come
back at opening. They came out at 8am and he got his voucher.
Good thing, it was 19 degrees out and everyone was freezing.

So at 10 am we went to get the prize! So funny, neither of us have
ever waited in line for anything, I guess everyone should do it once.
Just for the thrill of getting the treasure after working hard for it.
It reminded me of those old treasure hunting jungle movies. Only
done high-tech by a bunch of geeks :)

We set it up and played with the Wii for the next 9 hours. With
some breaks for errands and food. David came over and played too.
Cay, being the artist, created rather good Mii's (look-alikes for
ourselves which get inserted into the sports games.)

I turned out to be really good at the bowling and golf games (neither
which I do in real life). Tennis was fun - we were leaping all over
the living room, trying to hit the ball with the remote. The Wii is
tremendous fun, completely intuitive for non-gamers, and good
exercise. Good job Nintendo, and thanks! I haven't had that much
fun in ages.

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