Friday, December 08, 2006

Ah, the endless web....

I managed to while away most of the evening, designing and ordering
business cards on the web, for my Uncomfortable Questions podcast.
My, cards have come a long way since I last had them made at
Kinko's print shop for my short lived stained glass business.

It was really fun to pick out multiple colors (red, white, vivid blue and
teal on a black card), and do my own design! (o.k., Cayenne had to
help me with the logo - a microphone with sweat drops) - I'm not
that good an artist. But a little clip art, and his Photoshop touch, and
voila! A show logo!

I only bought 100 cards, in case I really blew it, but I can reorder -
(they save the design) - or re-edit the design or make an entirely
new one. Endless choice and shopping combined. I love the web!

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