Saturday, December 16, 2006

Crabby Cold

So the one thing I couldn't afford to do this week is get sick before
surgery, so of course I am sick. Cay got a cold last week and I've
been hoping I wouldn't get it. I went in to work today, and felt the
cold descend on me as I felt worse by the hour. Crabbiness!

Hopefully I'll feel better by Friday, everyone who has had the cold
says it is a pretty low grade one. I'd better feel better, not good to
go into surgery already run down! I also can't take any vitamins
or supplements to fight it off. I had to quit all that last Tuesday
so I wouldn't bleed too much. I can't even take aspirin and I have
quite the headache and feel all sore and achey. Bleah.

I went out with the gang from the old job last night, and had a great
time. Only three of them left there, we caught up with the one who
just went on to a new job. I still adore those guys and feel closer to
them than anyone I've ever met at any other job. I hope we all
have wonderful futures. We earned it! :)

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