Sunday, December 03, 2006


I haven't written in a couple of days. I was trying to make today's
deadline at work....and didn't make it. I'm not going in today.
I was there for quite a bit yesterday, and now I'm all tired and
burnt out. If I don't take off today, I'll be worthless the rest of
the week. I have some sense of self preservation (though
probably not enough of it).

Obviously I have nothing new to report - just days of working
hard, and that is about it. Last night I did a little shopping looking
for a really warm pair of gloves. My hands have been numb from
the drive home at night and that is only at about 10 degrees.
It will only get colder from here! (I did find gloves - yay!).

Today I WILL edit the next U.Q. show and try to get it posted.
We also talked with David, and it looks like we are finally starting
to think about doing another video show of
Channel Surfing Wipeout. We took 6 months off from filming,
and we needed it. Hopefully the silly, creativity muse has returned!

The newspaper had an article yesterday about Musings on the
Soul. It was awful and lame. I could put together a better discussion
on people's thoughts about what the soul is. Maybe I'll do that for
my show with my audience. I know they could be more interesting!

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