Wednesday, December 27, 2006


One of those days.

I went to the doctor today and he took out about half the staples.
I'm still in a lot of pain, so he tried to help by tracking down a pain
killing lollipop that they give to kids for post-op pain. The pharmacy
did it's best, but Medica kept turning it down, wanting pre
authorization, and when the doctor faxed everything in, they
asked for 24 hours to review it. It didn't matter that I've haven't
slept in days, or was in terrible pain NOW. They told the
pharmacist when he kept insisting this was for post -operation
pain that "They had 800 other claims in front of them, and
couldn't do anything".

Then I got home to the find that dishwasher installer said he couldn't
do the job. The cabinet and counter tops were damaged and falling
apart and were substandard. There was no way to brace it in without
it falling out. I knew the kitchen needed work, but now my great
bargain dishwasher is going to cost $1000 in new cabinets and
counters along with the electrical and water lines run. And he
can't come back to do the real estimate until next Thursday....

So I'm in pain with no relief, the cold is worse today, still have to
do dishes by hand while not feeling well, and I'm going to be another
$1000 poorer. Ugh. Things are definitely not looking up in the short

No photos today. I look just like yesterday only now my entire neck
is a bright greenish-yellow. The body needs a lesson in color.
It produces some of the weirdest and most unpleasant colors!

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