Monday, December 18, 2006

Getting Ready

Today was a catch up and get ready day. Making sure everything is
taken care of before Thursday night. At work, making sure manuals
are corrected and tests are in order. At home, payed bills, went
through mail, did finances, filled prescriptions for drugs for Friday.
I'm as ready as I am going to be.

3 days to go, and really getting creeped out about the surgery. I
don't know why this one bothers me. I did fine through all the others.
Maybe because I know what I'm in for and I'm just not ready to
stop and heal for 2 to 3 weeks. This should be a busy, party time of
year - not lay down and take lots of pain pills time of year.

My friend from Japan is in town (the one we are going to see in
March), and I haven't managed to see him yet, hopefully tomorrow.
I'm glad Japan is looming on my personal horizon, it gives me an
"after" to the surgery. It is good to have a fun goal beyond that.
If that is all I had to look forward to, well, that would just suck!


Anonymous said...

After the surgery you can eat lots of ice cream.

David Cummer said...

Completely unrelated to the topic (but when has that stopped me?).

I've been having lottsa fun the last couple of weeks 'cuz whenever I do a search for your show my mind thinks "Uncomfortable Questions", but my fingers type, "Uncomfortable Feelings".

Have a good face!

Susan Grandys said...

And to think everyone actually feels
comfortable. Neck, that's neck. My face is fine!

Susan Grandys said...

And to Phil.
Jeeze, I actually forgot about ice cream. I could have some low carb kind, and that probably would be very good.
Good thing someone still thinks like a kid! :) :)