Thursday, December 21, 2006


I came home early from work today. The cold was dragging me down,
and there was freezing rain and snow happening outside. It is weird
to look out and see white on everything. Only an inch or so, but it is
clinging to all the trees. Amazing we made it to December 21st with
no snow on the ground!

I looked up the sleeping pills the doc gave me, and they are related
to vallium. No wonder I've been so vague! I still worry, but in a very
abstract way. No food or drink after midnight tonight. I wonder why
that always bothers me. I never eat after midnight! It's just that I
can't. Oh how I dislike those limitations. What if I wanted to?

I'm going to be mighty hungry when this is over, though. Surgery
isn't until 10 am, and I'm not done until 1:30 p.m. And I probably
will only be able to have juice and liquids for awhile. Then I'll wish
I ate after midnight. :)

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Anonymous said...

After the surgery I challenge you to a volleyball game.