Sunday, December 17, 2006

I can't afford myself, when sick!

I took it pretty easy this weekend, trying to fight off the cold. It has
stayed pretty mild, mostly suffering from extreme tiredness.
Unfortunately I wandered into the kitchen, and with Cay and I both
being sick, the dishes were piled everywhere.

I put on my coat and went to the local closeout appliance store and
bought a dishwasher! The old one broke about a year ago, and I
thought, how hard is it to do the dishes? Well, when sick it becomes
a very low priority, so I got tired of dealing with it. It did involve
removing a cabinet to see if it would fit (stupid thing to do, with
our low energy). Since the old one was a portable that never
worked well, it seemed to me it was time to put in a built in one.

The dishwasher will arrive on Thursday, but I'm not sure when the
installer can come out. He has to run the water and electrical to it.
Hopefully before the end of the year, we will be free of the mundane
task of dish washing! I'm all for the machines doing it for me. Now
if I could just find a machine to clean the house.

Not much else. My lovely business cards for my show arrived, and
they are really nice. I just have to remember to hand them out...
Not likely. I can't even remember to take my work business cards
to customer sites, where they really want them so they can
remember who you are.

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Anonymous said...

Perhaps you need a maid.