Sunday, December 10, 2006

The Muse with the red foam nose...

A leisurely morning, and then a foray to a mall. (I hadn't quite done
any Christmas shopping yet, and there were a couple of gifts that
I sorta had to buy and get shipped off to the east coast.) It is getting
kind of late for that.... no point in being proactive :)

It has been rather quiet this weekend. We haven't gotten any
email at all - a really unusual state of affairs. Considering Cayenne
and I get at least 50 emails or so a day, each - one can only assume
our internet server's email is down. But it saves lots of time,
that way. The email on Monday, when they fix the server will
be scary.

David came over and we talked about filming next weekend and
did some sketch writing for the video comedy show. The ideas
are starting to flow again; the muse has refreshed the well after
a 6 month vacation.

I'm trying to picture our muse. Probably has clown shoes and is
completely insane.

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