Monday, December 11, 2006

Philosophy 1101

After the last guy I interviewed mentioned Alan Watts, and Cayenne
has been bugging me to listen to Alan Watts lately, I finally listened
to one of his lectures that I had been carrying around on my ipod
for the last month.

He is indeed a most delightful lecturer. While I am not sure I agree
with him, he is definitely worth a listen. I'll have to fit a few more
lectures in. The only time I have to listen to anything is while I am
on the exercise bike or the treadmill, but that is good. If I am
hearing a good show, I exercise longer. (I usually try to catch up
on Cayenne's comedy podcast, but he has been so darned proliferous
over the last 2 years, I am only caught up through last June.)

For the kind of show I do, I really should be reading more philosophy.
The other one I try to read occasionally is William James. He has
excellent ideas, but it is hard to read for extended periods. I would
have liked it better if I could hear his lectures, but then he lived
100 years ago. I suppose I'll just have to read the books.

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Anonymous said...

hee hee hee hi Ms Sue, this is Graviton Ring, sorry I could not login to the Blogger site, they seem to be updating their site.

The spirit of Alan Watts is absolutely free thought! And a great sense of humor. He was one of the first, and I think, the best, source to explain Eastern Spirituality to Western Civilization, wild and crazy, though we are in the American Frontier :)

Alan Watts died about thirty years ago. His son keeps a wonderful record of Alan Watts' audio, video and text. the podcast is available on the site Quicktime, and in iTunes or other pod cast players.