Thursday, December 07, 2006

Surgery Musings and Codeine Memories

Another day, another $1.50. O.k., they probably pay me more than
that. At least I hope they do! I've been making very painful headway
with AIX over the last month. It makes Linux look easy. I keep
poking at it while trying to do my real work. I don't suppose anyone
out there knows how to do persistent binding with AIX on a SAN?
No? Good. Neither do I....

Hmmm. What else? I have surgery in 2 weeks, and I try not to think
about it. It is minor but kind of tough-on-you surgery, and I try not
to dwell on the fact that they will be cutting me up while I'm awake.
I've had surgery awake, 3 times, in fact, but that was while I was
heavily sedated on happy drugs and had nerve blocks. This time,
none of that. I find myself thinking of it at night, and getting a
little freaked. I firmly make myself think about something else!

The recovery is supposed to take 2 full weeks, which is why I
scheduled it over our usual Christmas shutdown at work - would
give me 12 days without taking vacation. But of course, now there
is a crisis and they want me back in a week. I'm not even sure that
is possible. Unless they give me very, very good drugs. But all I'm
getting is Tylonol 3 (with codeine) because that is the only narcotic
painkiller I can tolerate without throwing up.

Id rather have codeine straight. When I was sick in Australia, I got
cough syrup laced with codeine and it made me a very happy person.
I didn't care a whit that I was sick. Of course when I was driving,
I calmly noted, "Gee, the highway is turning somersaults and
doing loop-de-loops!". They wouldn't let me drive after that....

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Anonymous said...

I'll just take the happy drugs.