Friday, December 29, 2006

Thinking of Living...

Things are much better today. The pain is much more manageable
and I got 9 straight hours of sleep last night! Granted I'm still
sleeping in the recliner, I can't put too much pressure on my head
yet. I think I'll sleep better when I can go back to my bed.

I saw the doctor again today and had the stitches out. I was hoping
for the staples, but those don't come out until Tuesday. I still have
12 of them in my head, and they are irritating as heck. But the pain
is easily handled now by ipuprophen.

The new coffee table came today and it is great. Lots of baskets and
hidden storage, so the living room doesn't look so unruly.
That's as exciting as it gets, right now.


Big Phil said...

Once the pain has gone you will feel better. And you will be even more beautiful.

Susan Grandys said...

and I will ask myself, was that worth it? And I won't be able to answer.