Tuesday, December 05, 2006

The Worth of Work

I made some headway at work (finally), and felt pretty good about it.
And that makes me laugh. I work hard, put all my time and a large
part of my life towards it, and I feel like I've done well!

But it really doesn't matter all that much, does it? It is just work.
It isn't love, or friendship, or enlightenment, happiness or health.
And yet it takes priority over all of that.

We will sacrifice our well-being, our time with friends or family,
our own interests in life, for that. But it is only work. It is just
something to do. Why do we do that? Just for money? Or is our
self-worth that tied up in our jobs?

I suppose your self-worth is measured by whatever it is you are
doing at the moment. Even if it is making a mud pie. Or building
a skyscraper. Humans! Go figure.

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